In-depth Readings are an expression of you. Derived from your own unique given name at birth and your birthdate. Numerology can  be used to examine his or her own life, confirm talents, explore and take advantages of opportunities or simply to determine the next step in life. Numerology helps to provide an understanding of one's own self and their loved ones. ( Click here to learn more about Numerology. )

  Personal Profile Reports include different aspects of life and are approximately 150-180 pages long. These aspects are: Your Life Path, Birthday, Expression, Minor Expression, Heart's Desire, Minor Heart's Desire, Personality, Maturity, L/E Bridge, H/P Bridge, Karmic Lessons, Hidden Passion, Planes Of Expression, Plane Of Expression Physical, Plane Of Expression Mental, Plane Of Expression Emotional, Plane Of Expression Intuitive, Balance, Rational Thought, Cornerstone, Subconscious Self, Challenges, Pinnacles, Cycles, Transits, The Physical Transit, The Mental Transit, The Spiritual Transit, Essence, and a 2-year forecast on your Personal Years, Personal Months, and Personal Days. ( Click Here For Aspects Meanings )

 Relationship Compatibilty Reports are approximately 70-80 pages long which include: Life Path, Expression, Heart's Desire, Personality,  Personal Years, and Personal Months.